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Sweet. Tea Mamut and Croatian pastries

Croatia’s most promising pastry chef, Tea Mamut, joins Like Croatia’s blogging team. She was 18 when she left her home town of Split, moved to the US, and started her studies at the CIA –not the agency, but the Culinary Institute of America, one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the world. She fell in love with pastries.


After graduating, Tea stayed in New York, working 16-hour shifts at legendary Restaurant Daniel and becoming one of the most wanted chefs in the world. She’s also worked in Dubrovnik, in Gil’s Restaurant, and in Germany, under executive chef Thomas Buhner in his 3 star Michelin restaurant La Vie.


Now 24, Tea has just moved back to Zagreb, where she plans to stay, with occasional trips to her parents’ in Split and visits to established restaurants throughout Europe. Professional visits, of course.


The young chef also recently launched her own pastry line called Good Sweets in partnership with Good Food, a local fast-food restaurant. “I’d love to spend a year in Zagreb, though every day seems to bring something new,” says Tea.


“For example, a few days ago I got an invite to cook at the London Olympics alongside the marvelous French chef Edouard Loubet and famous royal chef Anton Mosimann.

So, what does this brilliant young culinary guru really want to do with her life? “To run my own café. My pastry selection wouldn’t be enormous, though. I’d focus on local and seasonal ingredients, excellent coffee and flawless service.”


Read her blogposts here.


Written by: Vanja Dosen



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