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3rd-century ring found in Eastern Croatia

Archaeologists have been busy in the eastern Croatian town of Vinkovci. Recently, they’ve dug up quite a find–a 3rd century gold ring.

Vinkovci Municipal Museum curator Hrvonje Vulic said, “The ring is particularly interesting because we found it in one of the layers which means whoever wore it had probably lost it. On the ring there is an outline of a rabbit or mouse nibbling on a flower, which is a symbol of luck.  Above the edge of the ring is the so called ‘evil eye’, which protects the person wearing the ring from accidents.”

About 200 other items of ancient metal, ceramic and stone were found buried on the grounds along with the ring. Many of these items are estimated to have come from the new Roman period. For instance, the 400 kg of pottery fragments uncovered is thought to belong to the period between the 1st and 6th centuries.

The Vinkovci dig site is nearby the western edge of the Roman town of Colonia Aurelia Cibalae, which was the third largest city in the Pannonia Secunda province. The province, founded in the early 1st century during the reign of Hadrian, originally covered what is today Slavonia, Srem and Baranja. What makes the province unique and special to Croatia is that the Roman emperors Valentinijan and Valens were the only Roman rulers born in present-day Croatia.

This new find shows that Vinkovci continues to be an intriguing spot for archaeologists. Last year in the spring of 2012, over 50 items including plates, saucers, bowls, jugs, cups and spoons from the 4th century were uncovered in the area too, according to the Archaeology News Network.



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