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8 amazing places to pop the question in Croatia

From the moment you first saw her, every smile, every laugh, every little thing you had together was leading to the“big moment“. Believe the hype – all women dream about it. The second where Mr. Boyfriend wants to become Mr. Husband, gets on one knee, opens the little box with shiny ring inside. And changes everything.


So, you are planning a trip to Croatia together and you want to propose? Congratulations. From the looks of it, you are on the right path to doing it right. To assist you and millions of other Mr. Husband wannabes, we bring you a list of potential locations where you can make the offer. It should be noted, these are by no means the only places for such an occasion, as Croatia is teeming of romantic spots. And what is even more important is, how good the location is depends on how you plan to propose. But, enough talk. Let’s get down to business.


1. The Night of St. Lawrence (Rovinj) On August 13th, the already romantic town of Rovinj comes to life in a very special way. Celebrating the annual meteor shower known as “Tears of St. Lawrence” which passes through the skies of Rovinj, the street lights are turned off and the whole place is lit by torches. Alleys are filled with the sound of romantic music, and boats in harbours are also decorated for the occasion. If there’s a night created for the arrangement of a lifelong bond, it’s that of St. Lawrence in Rovinj.  But if you miss it and happen to be in Rovinj at another time, a good alternative are benches along the town docks. Facing the landmark of St. Euphemia Church and Rovinj in general, it’s the perfect spot if you want to catch her by surprise.


2. The Illuminated Bridge (Zadar) For a bright future, make a proposal in a bright place. Now, Zadar’s luminous pedestrian bridge is not made of gold (although it looks that way from the distance) but it will make your moment shine.  Take a walk accross the water, looking at how the light reflects off of the Adriatic waves beneath. Make the ships, calmly resting in the harbour, the audience of your proposal, as the small box pops up and some real gold comes into the story. Or diamonds. Or whatever you will ask with. The bridge will take care of the rest.


3. The Fort of St. Michael (Sibenik) No man is an island, as married people know best. Built in the 16th century to repel naval assaults, St. Michael was one of the most fortified constructions in the Mediterranean region. A small circle-like spot on the top of the fort’s triangle is like a square waiting for somebody to propose marriage on. Surrounded by the crystal-clear sea of the St. Antun canal, this old soldier will guard the moment in memory for years to come.


4. The Pavilion of Sustipan (Split)  A classicist work of Split’s famous architect Vicko Andric. For last few decades,this small place has been witness to passionate kisses and solid promises of eternal love. Join countless pairs who entrusted their precious moments to the charming stone giant in the vicinity of Split. Oh, and before you reach it, get her in the mood while exploring the enchanted forest of Sustipan and its many sights at sea.


5. The Lighthouse of Savudrija (Umag) Who knows what tides life will challenge you with? But whatever comes, it’s good to know everything started at a lighthouse, a symbol of peace and hope. Increasingly popular among tourists in Croatia, lighthouse apartments are an original way to spend your holidays. Most of them are situated in remote places, such as tiny islands, and are perfect for a romantic retreat. The one at Savudrija is on-shore, surrounded by pine and acacia trees. Of course, you can visit the top of the lighthouse and enjoy the view. With the sea beneath and seagulls above, the place is perfect for a marriage proposal.


6. The Cruise of Karaka (Dubrovnik) Look, if you are in Dubrovnik, virtually any place is perfect for what you have in mind. Fortified Ramparts, Stradun Street, Sponza Palace, Lovrjenac Fort… the entire town is a monument of history, and a place to make a romantic gesture. But if you want to have it all in front of you when you get down on your knee, the ship of Karaka will provide the occasion. The vessel accompanies Dubrovnik sunsets as they vanish into the Adriatic, giving its crew a 2.5 hour cruise in front of the city walls. A dinner is also served onboard –  serve the ring as a special ingredient, and she surely won’t kiss the cook.


7. The Balcony of Cipiko Palace (Trogir) For Shakespearians out there, it can only be the balcony. The palace of the Cipiko family is opposite Trogir Cathedral (might be convenient, if you immediately want to step in front of the altar). It is actually a complex of several buildings connected into a single construction. The oldest parts date up to early medieval times. As for romance, simply place your girlfriend on the front balcony and yourself on the street below. Then show her the ring and yell “Will you?” She will immediately run for the stairs.


8. The Grand Grapceva cave (Hvar) It might be unfair to Hvar and its beautiful beaches, but for those seeking originality in a marriage proposal Grapceva is the obvious choice. Considered the cradle of the island’s culture, the cave was used by the primitive population over ten thousand years ago. It has two large chambers surrounded by small, intimately lit hallways. The place is fresh and quiet, yet its calmness and genuine natural beauty make it a perfect spot for your marriage trap.


To name all the places suitable for your intent would not demand an article, but a lengthy encyclopaedia of romance. But as long as you are on the Adriatic coast, you are on the good track. Congratulations, young man. The bells are already ringing.



  • Snowy

    Sustipan is a nice place but just for a record it was a town cemetery untill middle of 20th century (bones are removed but who can guarantee that there isn’t some leftovers) and some place at Marjan would be probably more preferable for many couples and that is where young couples used to go to steel kisses and even more 😉

    • Sinke

      It used to be a cemetery, but Split turned it into an attractive promenade with pine trees and beautiful sightings of the sea :) As for Marjan, it deserves to be mentioned in a separate post- which is on the way as we speak.


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