Merry Christmas, Croatia fans

Dear fans of Croatia,

We wish to express our honest hopes for your wellbeing in this merry time, and that you cherish the Christmas spirit with your families, friends and associates. We hope that you will find peace and fulfillment in this season, and that you will carry them throughout the upcoming year. Croatia wholeheartedly invites you to visit its gorgeous sceneries, and learn why the country became such an important tourist destination in Europe.


We are also aware that people from different backgrounds and cultures read Like Croatia on daily basis. Our wishes cover them as well! Be blessed in 2017, and if you manage, do organize a trip to pleasant coasts of Adriatic Sea. Croats have always been a naval nation, and welcoming to strangers from all parts of the world.

Croatian Christmas Customs

Thank you for reading us. We are always doing our best to introduce Croatia to our readers, and plan to do so in future as well.

Sretan Božić!

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