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Boris Johnson to Croatia: Steer clear of the euro!

Boris Johnson loves Croatia.  The people, the food, the islands, the sea. It’s fantabulous, he says.  But, he wonders in his article for The Telegraph, will this vacationer’s paradise fall from grace under the weight of the euro like others before it?


There comes a tragic moment at the end of every binge meal in the Mediterranean when the waiter produces the bill, and as you reach for your wallet you can be permitted an occasional pang of distress. Yes, it is forgivable to emit a low moan, inaudible to everyone else; and so I moaned the other day, in the course of a lightning family holiday. I let out an elegiac groan at the sight of those beautiful, innocent banknotes, still furled tightly in my wallet.


And why did I sigh? There was nothing outrageous about the bill – far from it. Our two-hour feast was incredible value, considering we had just consumed several platters of sea creatures in delicate sauces, and loads of complex side dishes, all washed down with cool bottles of white Postup – possibly the most delicious white wine you have ever drunk. Read more.


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