Daily Telegraph Top 20 Destinations Includes Pula

Another great recognition has been awarded to Croatia. The influential Daily Telegraph Top 20 Destinations List for 2017 features Pula, a coastal city in Istrian region.  Often called „City of Fugitives“due to an ancient Greek legend, Pula is among the most popular localities in Croatia. It  is annually visited by thousands of foreign visitors.

The vast majority of these attend a tour through the ancient Roman Amphitheater, among the most preserved ones in the world. The author of Daily Telegraph’s list recalled how he and his wife imagined the breath of lions, as they ventured the structure’s underground levels. The animals were taking part in spectacular stage performances, which unfortunately included a lot of violence as well.

Arena Pula

The author also noted other splendors of old Roman culture (we could mention an old temple and real-looking Legionnaire patrols) as well as singling out Pula’s Habsburg heritage. Guests of this Croatian town can also expect to enjoy prime gastronomic delicacies and only the best wines the country can offer.

Pula is also a perfect destination to settle your luggage, as you explore the gorgeous sceneries of Istrian Peninsula. Full of small, charming villages, this region of Croatia can deliver a truly unique vacation. It is also known for large quantities of delicious truffles, which inhabit the peninsula’s underground levels.

Cranes of Pula

Finally, Pula reached Daily Telegraph Top 20 Destinations of 2017 list thanks to its ‘Lighting Giants’. It is a project which illuminates the grandiose cranes in the local harbor, providing a fascinating and somewhat surreal experience.

If all the aforementioned made you interested in visiting Pula, be aware that British Airways will establish a twice-weekly service between London Heathrow and Pula. According to reports, the flight will become active in July 2017. It seems that Brexit won’t divide Istria from its British visitors.

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