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Eight rivers for rafting in Croatia

It’s a sunny day at the beach. You’re enjoying the sounds of the waves and your tan is getting better and better. People are passing by, some of them checking out how great you look in that beach chair. Could there be anything better? How about the waters of a cold river, flowing wildly for miles? We are talking about rafting, of course. And all the joys it provides to serious adventurers of the world.

With summer slowly retreating, new opportunities for Croatian entertainment come into the focus. One of them is surely adrenaline-filled boat rides through high-current rivers. People come from all over the world to experience the action and landscapes provided by Croatia’s streaming waters.

The tradition regarding this sport is very old, so you can expect professional standards and a street-wise crew on your rafting trip. Big companies often organize rafting as a form of teambuilding activity, while varied the terrain allows people a wide choice of options regarding the ride. No matter your experience or age, somewhere in Croatia a river awaits for you. So let’s name them.

The mouth of the Dobra River is in Skrad county. Reaching all the way to Karlovac, this river is an excellent choice for nature lovers, as it is surrounded by lush plant life and charming hills. It is known for hosting the first hydro-electric plant built in modern Croatia. Huck Finn Adventure Travel organizes three-hour rafting experiences, with possible dining in local restaurants.

The valley of Kupa is also known for its natural beauty, but the river itself provides strong currents needed for a great rafting adventure. Kupa Sports invites people to plunge into these streams, boasting new high-quality equipment (neoprene clothes and mini raft boats). The Kupa flourishes from lake in Risnjak National Park up to Sisak, where it joins the Sava River.

Apart from rafting, the Mreznica River is also known as a good kayaking/canoeing place. Rich in riffles and small waterfalls, but gentle nevertheless, it is a good spot for beginners and professionals alike. Starturist recommends Mreznica rafting as an event for families with children, so if you fall into this category, you can expect a nice trip to nature.

The Korana River is a perfect choice for aspiring amateurs or professionals seeking a challenge. The Mirjana Rastoke Tourist Center organizes a trip to inaccessible areas of nature, where the only possible means of transportation is a rafting boat. The hardest segment of the river is an official track of an international rafting competition, and is known as “Rast Raft”.

The Una River is a natural border, dividing Croatia from Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also a good spot for rafting, especially the area around Strbacki Buk. While you enjoy your outdoor adventure, your gastronome friends might enjoy lamb and trout dishes in Lohovo Village, headquarters of Green River Camp.

Another perfect spot for those who value nature is the Cetina River and its canyon. Located in the heart of Dalmatia, near the pirate-founded town of Omis, Cetina features 12 kilometers of streaming water which every rafting fan will like. The starting point is in the village of Pensici, while the end lies in Radmanovi Mlinici. Being only a short bus ride away from Split, it would be a shame not to contact Rafting Cetina for additional information.

National Park Krka makes every visitor a photographer with its scenery, and the Krka River itself is not any different. Rich flora and fauna surround the area, and certain parts of the untouched area are accessible only through rafting. However, be sure to disembark near the Bilusica Buk Waterfall. Not only it is 12 meters high, but it also provides a great opportunity for fantastic photos.

Finally, Zrmanja River is a place for canoe safaris. Only an hour’s ride away from Zadar, the experience is as follows – you are put with your partner in a two person kayak and you enjoy crystal clear water and abundant life beneath its surface for several following hours. A good choice for beginners and children not afraid of little water. Contact f-zrmanja for details.

Note that the high season of each river depends on its depth, meaning they might be inaccessible for boat traffic during certain times.  But even so, a field trip to nature won’t disappoint. In any case, enjoy the remaining warmth of the Adriatic with ease. Your action-pumped vacation is far from over.



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