7 things to love on Tkalciceva Street

Every city has a street where people go to enjoy nightlife, and Zagreb is no different. It has Tkalciceva street, a place where the sounds of music mix with laughter and cheering round tables. But those who prefer a glass of good wine with a candle-lit meal will also find a place to call theirs on this street.

Long story short, Tkalciceva is where you want to be for nightlife in Zagreb. It starts just a few meters off the central square –  Trg bana Josipa Jelacica. The easiest way to find it is to come under the square’s clock, located left of the statue of the mounted horse. From there, turn north and you will see steps leading to Dolac Marketplace. Head towards them, but don’t go up, as Tkalciceva begins at their bottom. You can see the first cafes and snack bars to the left.
These are only the beginning, of course. Tkalca features dozens of similar places, and be assured- every soul wandering through Zagreb will find something to their liking. No matter what you desire – from classy restaurants, pizzerias and fine clubs to small, intimate cafes or kebab stores, Tkalca will provide.

Exploring on your own is a good option, but for those who like to know where they’re going up front, here is a short list of things worth seeing (and experiencing) on good old Tkalca street.


Those who were fortunate enough to try the pasticada in Dalmatia browsed the internet for its recipe the moment they took a seat at a keyboard. Those who didn’t yet have the opportunity to enjoy this traditional Croatian dish can do so in Agava, a very popular restaurant with a great view on Tkalca. Pasticada is a stewed beef, was marinated in a special mixture for 24 hours and served with gnocchi. Agava offers many other delicacies for those with the most demanding taste, so be sure to check it out, at Tkalciceva 39.

Taban Bar & Hostel

Tkalciceva seems like your type of place? Then you should stay in it for the whole duration of your visit to Zagreb! If this sounds like a plan, Taban Bar & Hostel will provide a great accommodation with acceptable pricing. Situated in the middle of the street, it features a friendly atmosphere, live music and large selection of drinks. The place is also known for their late night cocktail parties and special, imaginative events. Taban (which means “sole” as in part of the foot) is located in Tkalciceva 82, and can be phoned by calling 01 5533 527.

Ivica i Marica Restaurant

Ivica  i Marica (Hansel and Gretel) are characters known for their roaming of a dense forest, were they discover a house built of chocolate inhabited by a cannibalistic witch. Now, Tkalciceva is not a forest, the witch is nowhere to be seen, and the house we are speaking of is not made of chocolate, but regardless, you can still eat plenty of it inside. The restaurant and pastry shop serves traditional Croatian food and features some very-hard-to-get certificates attesting to the quality of their products. You will find no artificial supplements in their offering, and everything is made of unrefined brown sugar and integral flour. Apart from cakes and pastas, Ivica i Marica also serve other types of meals, of which we highly recommend the miller-style trout prepared served with leaves of almond. The restaurant can be found at Tkalciceva 70.

City Center Kaptol

Feeling a little bit down? Then relieve yourself with world’s best anti-depressant: shopping. Kaptol Center is a large mall offering brands of both domestic and foreign origin. From fancy clothes to high-tech gadgets, everything is available and ready to put a smile on your face. After you pass the register, enjoy residential restaurants, a beauty center, and a cinema hall or book a singing lesson in the school run by Croatian artists Ivana Husar and Martina Tomcic Moskaljov.  City Center Kaptol’s official address is Nova Ves 17, but you can also enter it from the very end of Tkalciceva street.

Oliver Twist Pub

Even from the outside, the place looks reminiscent of Dickens’ times. But the moment you enter the pub, only the lack of top hats and walking sticks will remind you that time travel doesn’t exist. The pub tries hard to give the an authentic feeling of a 19th century club, and it is quite successful in its attempt. During daylight hours, it is the perfect place to go for a cup of coffee with a good book, while at the night you can enjoy a wide selection of beers and liquors. Don’t forget to ask for a cigar – it goes well with the interior.  Join Oliver Twist on Tkalciceva 60.

Chateau des Jardins

Now what’s that? A restaurant bearing a French name, serving Italian food and located in the Croatian capital? No matter the strange background, this chateau has positioned itself as one of the most popular places for pizza in Zagreb. The secret is in an ultra-thin crust, which puts the taste of fresh ingredients in the forefront. Their pizzas feature superb mozzarella and parmezan cheese, but you might also opt for a prosciutto, arugula or oyster mushrooms. If you think standard, flat pizzas deserve an upgrade in design, order them as a fingerfood dish, in which case you will eat them as small rolled buns of pasta. Cheatau awaits you on Tkalciceva 73.

Rakijarnica Cica

We already introduced you to rakija– Croatian schnapps believed to be a cure-all potion. From Istria to Zagreb, there are many places where you can enjoy its taste, but Cica is probably the most original. This café, or more precisely, this rakijarnica (schnapps store) is located at number 18 of Tkalciceva street.  The very name of the place (The Boob) triggers the imagination. But you won’t find much nakedness inside (unless the rakija is on sale- in that case everything is possible).  The place is decorated in a bizarre, surreal style, and regular guests include artists and prominent members of the alternative sub-culture.  A great place to learn about Zagreb from a different angle, while tasting its volcanic-flavored drinks.

This concludes our short guide to Tkalca. Many more places, such as small libraries and souvenir shops, expect you there- but you will have to find them on your own. We are sure you will find your way in. As for getting out of it- call a cab, as most Croats do after a few drinks.