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Croatia’s cure-all and life of the party

Introducing rakija

It instantly destroys bacteria. It relieves you of stomach and muscle pain. It annihilates viruses, instantly disinfects wounds, and is used to reduce temperatures (soak a cloth or small towel in it and hold it against your wrists and forehead).

It is the Croat’s secret magic potion used to destroy all enemies known to common man. And it is of course used to celebrate every possible occasion.   It is rakija – l’eau de vie, aqua vitael, the water of life. You cannot visit Croatia without trying it.

There are over 150 flavors of rakija, the most popular being: Loza (grape), Travarica (herb), Sljivovica (plum), Biska (mistletoe), and Medica (honey).

Introducing the rakijarnica

A rakijarnica is a bar specialized in Croatian rakija, serving rakija produced from the finest natural ingredients by the best family producers. A rakijarnica is a place where you can explore Croatia’s flavors and fragrances, experience the country’s hospitality, and enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling one gets when going Croat.

Find a rakijarnica near you

If you’re in Istria, you can find one on Marafor Square in Porec and below the tower in Motovun. In Central Dalmatia, try the Garden Festival in Tisno, Hangar Beach in Vodice, and Chill Out Bar in Sibenik. Moving further south, you can find rakijarnica’s in Ghetto, in Split’s Diocletian Palace, on Copacabana Beach in Dubrovnik, on the main harbor’s promenade in Orebic, and on the large terrace beside the ACI Marina on Korcula. In Zagreb there’s Cica in Tkalciceva Street.  Note both the street and the bar are must-do’s when in the capital city.



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