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Summer Seclusion

Increasingly popular along the Adriatic, lighthouse vacations can put an exotic spin on your stay. Placing you close to the beach and far from curious eyes, the towers offer stunning views of the sapphire sea and seclusion that’s hard to come by during the peak season.


The oldest lighthouse on the Adriatic is Svudrija, near Umag. Considered by many to be the most stunning is Veli rat Lighthouse on Dugi otok. The high seas surrounding Susac Lighthouse, located between Hvar and Lastovo, set the mood for a veritable vacation in isolation.


Suites go for an average of 700€ per week, the cheapest of the eleven lighthouses to choose from being the one in Palagruza, on the most remote of Croatia’s islands, and the most expensive being that in Cape Zub (Rt Zub).



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