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All fun and games along the Adriatic

You don’t need to be in London to experience the passion of dedicated sportsmanship, or at least friendly rivalry. Watch local teams compete along the Adriatic – though in somewhat unusual disciplines, which have in common the Adriatic themes they share at their core.


Rescue the Female Tourist, Carry the Fish Crate, and the Prsut Climb are the most obviously regionally inspired. Other competitive disciplines include Flying Water Polo, Water Caterpillar, and Treasure Hunt. The Tug of War is pointed out by the organizers as being the most popular, “mother of all games.”


Now in their third year, the Adriatic Games are held over the course of 100 days in over 30 destinations. They aim to bring closer together locals and guests of all ages while promoting the values and traditions of the region.


Friday, August 3rd, marks the final day of the quarter-finals, on Vir, after which the games step up a notch, erupting into a summer spectacular, and cameras start rolling (they top the list of popular summer programming). Will you be one of the over 60,000 visitors to cheer on the local teams in person?




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